What is Master Packager?

Master Packager is an application packaging tool to create and edit Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) files and repackage other installations to MSI format.

Our vision is to make application packaging easy, fast, and affordable for everyone, from application packaging freelancers to small companies and enterprises.

What are the benefits of using Master Packager?

  • Fast - You will never see “not responding” text in the tool. Modifying large MSIs is effortless. The same goes for repackaging.
  • High quality - Standardize naming, ICE validation, and .dll/.exe file registration mapping are just a few examples of how this tool will reduce human errors and increase quality.
  • Simple - The user interface allows new and experienced packagers to start creating packages immediately.
  • Automation - Capturing, building and applying templates can be fully automated, making it possible to fully automate repackaging.
  • Price - We are doing everything to provide the best Price vs. Performance. Providing the same value or better Master Packager can save you money as it can be up to 10 times less expensive per license than alternatives.
  • Collaborative - With one click from the tool you can register a bug or make a feature suggestion.
  • Support - We will worry about the tools for you, so you can focus only on the packaging.

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How did Master Packager start?

Our team, including myself, has been working as application packagers since 2012 with more than 5000 created application packages. During this time, we have worked with many packaging tools; however, there were several issues with them. Either they were very expensive, slow to handle large MSI files, or did not have the out-of-box functionality we were looking for to automate tasks. To start creating more packages in a shorter timeframe while still improving packaging quality we got this idea. We developed a team that could create our own packaging tool that we would use ourselves and eventually make available to others.

We created Master Packager so packagers could solve issues they have all over the world. We are testing Master Packager with the most complicated applications we have ever seen to ensure that the repackaged applications work the same as the original.

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