• Master Packager 23.4.8599 release highlights

    Master Packager 23.4.8599 release highlights:
    - NEW modern installation experience.
    - A lot of small enhancements
    - Fixed all reported bugs

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  • The Master Packager Master Plan, Part 1

    We believe packaging should be effortless and now it isn't.

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  • Master Packager 23.3.8528 release highlights

    We just released a new version of Master Packager 23.3.8528
    - During the cleanup of repackaged applications, we now show the count of excluded files as well. 
    - The Master Wrapper now displays the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit configuration file in its own UI section called Configuration. 
    - Master Wrapper is updated to use the latest PSADT
    - Master Repackager detects and sets the correct MSIX package architecture
    and more...

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  • Master Packager 23.2.8473 release highlights

    Save your time when working with Intune Win32 apps.
    When working with Templates set the execution policy using 32-bit PowerShell with one click.
    Prepare MP for enterprise environment with easy activation disable updates command lines for all users using system account.
    Fixed all reported bugs and announced Become a Master Packager class in April.

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  • Master Packager 23.1.8444 release highlights

    Master Packager 23.1.8444 release highlights

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  • MSI Shortcuts

    You may wonder why creating shortcuts using an MSI when a PowerShell script can also accomplish this task.
    In this blog post, we answer this question and show different ways to create application shortcuts using MSI.

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  • Consider Switching from Orca to Master Packager

    Here are 7 reasons to switch from the Microsoft Orca MSI editing tool that hasn't been updated for years to Master Packager.

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  • Does repackaging void the vendor warranty?

    Vendors may try to avoid supporting your application if they find out you have packaged it.

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  • We went to AppManagEvent 2022 and it was epic

    AppManagEvent is the annual industry event around application management.
    As always it takes place in the Netherlands.
    It’s the only event we know of that has application packaging as one of the main focus areas that we love so much.

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  • Master Packager price update 2022

    Hey there! It’s been a pleasure to have served you during this time.
    For us to keep growing, innovating, and supporting you and the IT industry needs, we’re increasing the price of Master Packager Professional on May 18, 2022.

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  • MSIX Limitations

    Microsoft does not list all the limitations of MSIX. That is why we are listing all of our known MSIX limitations in one place and continuously updating them. This should help everyone, including Microsoft to understand where to focus and potentially increase MSIX adoption by developers and IT Pros.

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  • How To Spot MSIX Limitations Like Master Packager

    As we follow MSIX development from day one, we know what benefits MSIX brings. We’ve also spotted two problems with this technology that we think everyone isn’t seeing. In this blog post, we want to clearly lay out these two issues and give guidance on how to spot them using Master Packager’s new functionality—Master Repackager MSIX compatibility validation.

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  • How to copy per-user file to all users under system account?

    If you are an application packager or IT pro who has found yourself in a situation where you need to copy a file in a per-user location to hundreds or thousands of target devices and wonder what is the best way how to do it, then this is a read for you. 

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  • Reduced extend support price

    As our mission is to offer affordable application packaging software that makes IT admins the Master Packagers we have decided to go the next step and reduce extend support price from 499 EUR before to 349 EUR now.

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  • When and why should you repackage an EXE to an MSI?

    As application packagers with a total of more than 7000 silent installation package experience including MSI, App-V, XPF, ThinApp, Mac, AppX and MSIX, packaging for hundreds of enterprise companies worldwide we want to share the reasons why you need to repackage an EXE to an MSI.

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  • 20 Application Packaging Life Hacks

    On Friday 29th of March, 2019 Master Packager team was one of the panelists in xenappblog.com event called Virtual Expo. As promised, in this article we will show 20 tips and tricks that we showed in the virtual expo session.

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  • MST to install Microsoft Teams MSI (VDI) to regular Windows 10

    Microsoft has finally released Microsoft Teams installer that installs all files to Program Files. But still, it is not perfect, because it supposed to be only for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The big question is if it is possible to install it on regular Windows 10? This is what we tried to figure out.

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  • How to automate Microsoft Teams repackaging

    In this article, you will learn the exact steps necessary to create an automated repackaging process for Microsoft Teams. The best thing about this solution and script is that, with a few adjustments, this process can be used to automate any other application repackaging and configuration process.

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  • How Microsoft Teams installer should have looked like from the beginning

    ​​​​​​Microsoft Teams is per-user.
    For enterprise companies using distribution systems like SCCM and Intune, working with per-user software create headaches. In this article, we will explain is it possible to convert Microsoft Teams to a per-machine application.

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  • Announcing free version of Master Packager

    Today we are announcing Master Packager Standard to be accessible by anyone for FREE (previously €299).

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