Master Packager 23.1.8444 release highlights

February 13, 2023

We just released a new version of Master Packager 23.1.8444.

Let’s dive into the new version 23.1.844 main features.

  • Now when adding files to the x64 folder location Master Packager will check if the MSI platform is set to x64 as well.
    We see this as a common mistake packagers forget to make and realize it only during testing.
    With this new fix we gotch you.

Packaging should be easy and understandable for beginners, that is why we made these two improvements:

  • Now MSI platform names are readable in summary information for everyone:
    • Intel → 32-bit
    • x64 → 64-bit
    • Arm → Arm64
    • Intel64 → Itanium
  • Did you know that conditions are case-sensitive?
    What condition is used to execute a custom action only during installation?
    Yes, it's “NOT Installed”, but now you don’t need to remember it as now you can choose from the predefined conditions when working in the Table Editor:

Have you packaged the SAP application where you need to create a custom script to add a new entry in the Services file?

  • With this Master Packager update you can add and remove text from a text file with a few clicks using a new predefined “Append or Prepend text line in file” custom action:

With the new release of PSAppDeployToolkit v3.9.2 we updated Master Wrapper with it.
Remember that you can use your own templates by copying them under “C:\Program Files (x86)\Master Packager\Toolkit”.

We have fixed all reported bugs as always. ❤️‍🔥

Full release notes can be found here.


Have a good one! 🙌
The Master Packager Team

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