Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Master Packager Professional license per-user or per-machine? 
    Per-user. If you have 4 packagers who will use Master Packager you need to purchase 4 licenses.

  • On how many PCs can a licensed user install Master Packager? 
    Unlimited. Physical machines, Virtual machines, it doesn't matter, the only condition is that it is used by a user who owns the license.

  • Is there different pricing for Freelancers, Enterprises and Service Providers?  
    No. Everyone has the same price.

  • What is the difference between the Standard Edition and Professional Edition?
    Two things - Professional Edition contains Master Repackager that is required to create an MSI installer package from captured system changes and the second one is command line support that allows to fully automate repackaging and to apply templates.

  • Do you offer a trial? 
    Yes. A trial can be obtained from the pricing page. Trial contains full Master Packager Professional edition features without limitations. Trial expires 30 days after a license was generated.

  • Can we use Master Packager with a trial license in a production environment? 
    No, you cannot use Master Packager with a trial license in your production environment anyhow, and/or as part of your service for commercial benefit or otherwise commercialize it. A trial is there only to evaluate the suitability for your requirements.

  • Why do I need to register in Master Packager website to get a trial or purchase a license?
    Registration is required so you can log in to the Master Packager website and oversee your licenses, versions, invoices and get the latest updates.

  • How I can pay for a license?
    There are two options - get an invoice or pay with your PayPal account. If you choose to get an invoice then the license will be added within 24 hours after the payment is received.

  • Does Master Packager have analytics or telemetry built in?
    No. We do not collect any data from you. 

  • Do we need to pay per created package?
    No. Create how many packages you want. The only one-time payment is required for a license.

  • Do you have support?
    Yes. If you have purchased a license you will be given full access to reporting bugs, suggest improvements, contact us for any questions related to the Master Packager tool. Also, you will get all updates with bug fixes, improvements and new features for the purchased major version. Example. If you have Master Packager 19 (19.x.x.x) version you will get all updates for this (19) major version.

  • Do you have SLA for support?
    No. However we provided support as fast as possible.

  • How often do you release updates?
    We try to release a new minor version update once a month, that contains bug fixes, improvements, and new features.  

  • When you will release Master Packager 2019 (19.x.x.x) will I need to purchase a new license?
    Yes. This business model is necessary to keep us growing and improving the tool for you. You still will be able to use Master Packager 2018 forever. 

  • How often you will release new major versions?
    We are releasing a major version once a year.

  • What should I do if I still have questions?
    We want to hear them. Write us an e-mail to