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Learn to Package Any Application

Save Time Worth 5+ Years of Trial and Error

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Key outcomes

After completing this course, you’ll:

  • Learn how to package any application for silent installation in the Microsoft Windows OS enterprise environment.
  • Learn the application packaging framework that will help you package any application for enterprise needs.
  • Know specific tricks and tips that would otherwise take you a long time to uncover on your own.
  • Get access to a private application packaging community—the Master Packager team and other industry experts who’ll help you even after you’ll complete the courses.
  • Certificate — our issued certificate verifies you have all the knowleged to become a Master Packager.

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Key outcomesKey outcomes

Benefits of becoming a Master Repackager

Save a year’s worth of time learning on your own

Become more in-demand as an IT industry expert

Save money for the business

Lowered risk for downtime

Reduced IT ticket count

Increased security and app control

Faster and easier app maintenance

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Who this course is for

IT admins
Beginner application packagers with no to little packaging experience. Ones who work with application packages only from time to time but are expected to deliver the same quality packages as professionals do.

IT pro
Specialists with some knowledge in application packaging who want to level up their knowledge, work quality and speed.

Application packagers
Experts who seek new insights and little-known tips and tricks.

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Meet your instructor

Toms Knostenbergs

I started my career in the application and desktop deployment field in 2012. Working with a highly professional and motivated team I became an expert in application packaging and mass enterprise deployments.

I mastered thousands of complex application and configuration requests from businesses in healthcare, oil & gas, and banks requiring the highest quality and error-free packages with SLAs measured in hours not days.

However, my knowledge came at a cost—time. But this doesn’t have to be your case too.

I’m gathering my experience in this one course so you and your team can save time and money.

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Meet your instructorMeet your instructor

Course overview

In this 4 half-day remote hands-on workshop you will learn:

  1. Fundamentals.
    You’ll learn the basics of application repackaging.
  2. Framework.
    There are numerous applications developed by thousands of developers which is why it’s important to know the framework for how to think about handling each and one of these applications.
  3. Work environment.
    You’ll understand how to set up your work environment so that your Virtual Machines are top-notch.
  4. Evaluation.
    You’ll learn how to operate with installers and the fit for your target environment.
  5. Repackaging.
    Get an A to Z understanding of how repackaging software works and how to use it to get the needed result for quality and speed.
  6. Configuration.
    Learn how to configure the application as per user request according to the best practices.
  7. Testing.
    Know how to test your application before it gets to the deployment software as it’s crucial for speedy packaging.
  8. Troubleshooting.
    Gain skills to find the issue of why application packaging can’t install or isn’t configured. You’ll know how to solve these issues in minutes, not hours or even days.
  9. Real-life examples.
    See how real-life application packages are getting packaged from the start to the end.

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Standard course

  • 4 days
  • 4 hours per day
  • Learn how to package any Win32 application
  • Learn the application packaging framework
  • Know specific tricks and tips to do it faster than others
  • Session recordings after the course
  • Get access to a private application packaging community to ask questions even after the course
  • Certificate proving you have finished the course

Date and Time

North America time-zone:
Date: 15-18 April, 2024
Time: 8 AM-12 PM, UTC-8

Europe time-zone:
Date: 22-25 April, 2024
Time: 10:00-14:00, UTC+3

Price for a standard course

  • 1,699.99 EUR
  • 1,899.99 USD
  • Everything that is in the standard course
  • 5 days. Extra 1 day dedicated only to hands-on packaging practices
  • Access to our direct e-mail support to ask packaging questions for a minimum next 2 years
  • 30% discount for Master Packager Pro and or renewal for the next 2 years

Date and Time

North America time-zone:
Date: 15-19 April, 2024
Time: 8 AM-12 PM, UTC-8

Europe time-zone:
Date: 22-26 April, 2024
Time: 10:00-14:00, UTC+3

Price or a pro course

  • 2,199.99 EUR
  • 2,399.99 USD

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Now’s your time to become the next Master Packager

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No. This course will show you everything from foundation up to specific cases for experts.


No. The course is designed to get 100% value in becoming Master Packager while using any packaging software. If you do not own any packaging software we will provide you with a Master Packager Pro trial.


Please email the instructor at; he will be happy to answer any other specific questions.

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