Release notes

Release date: 25.07.2022
Release notes Master Packager 22.3.8241

In this release, we focused mainly on two things:

  • MSIX build improvements
  • Reported issue fixes

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-877] MSIX - Verify if the file exists before adding application entry
[MPDEV-872] MSIX - com:SurrogateServer com:Class Id to be uppercase
[MPDEV-871] MSIX - uap3:Protocol Name needs to be lowercase
[MPDEV-870] MSIX - Handling of same file associations for different applications 
[MPDEV-869] MSIX - Option to build without signature
[MPDEV-861] MSIX - Add *Pro text for MSIX build button in the community version 
[MPDEV-853] MSIX - Updated MSIX validation rules
[MPDEV-850] MSIX - Handling fileExplorerClassicDragDropContextMenuHandler
[MPDEV-776] MSIX - Support legacy context menus
[MPDEV-899] Master Packager add a link from the help menu to see App Library and Courses landing pages
[MPDEV-855] Master Repackager - Set validation for MPR version textbox to support only numbers
[MPDEV-883] Master Repackager - Option to add files from manage files view

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-722] Removed double error message for ProgID in File Extension flyout
[MPDEV-898] Fixed SSMS - SQL management tools - error when building
[MPDEV-865] Fixed incorrect arguments for signing timestamp server
[MPDEV-864] MSIX - Fixed specific build issue
[MPDEV-852] MSIX - Fixed missing URL protocol 
[MPDEV-879] MSIX - Fixed trailing spaces cause invalid manifest

Release date: 01.06.2022
Master Packager 22.2.8187

  • Master Packager table editor now resizes columns on window expansion.
  • Ctrl+Shift+W - auto-fit Master Packager selected table column width
  • Master Packager icon export from exe and dll now supports saving as PNG.
  • Master Repackager now can build MSIX. This feature is in BETA as we have a backlog of improvements.

See more improvements and bug fixes here:

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-803] - Master Packager - Auto-size column widths in Table Editor on window maximize
[MPDEV-817] - Master Packager - Resize table columns with shortcut
[MPDEV-826] - Master Packager - Save icon as PNG
[MPDEV-808] - Master Packager - Set validation for version textbox to support only numbers and dots
[MPDEV-806] - Master Packager - Activate license while offline
[MPDEV-856] - Master Repackager - Exclusion list update 22.2
[MPDEV-842] - MSIX - Updated validation rules
[MPDEV-835] - MSIX - com:SurrogateServer
[MPDEV-823] - MSIX - com:TypeLib LocaleId
[MPDEV-810] - MSIX - URL Protocol from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Clients\StartMenuInternet
[MPDEV-818] - MSIX - com:ExeServer
[MPDEV-824] - MSIX - Publisher Display Name
[MPDEV-822] - MSIX - Self-signed certificate for easy testing
[MPDEV-821] - MSIX - Edit manifest from Master Repackager
[MPDEV-820] - MSIX - Processor cArchitecture="x64"
[MPDEV-800] - MSIX - Multiple shortcuts with the same target executable
[MPDEV-790] - MSIX - COM mapping
[MPDEV-789] - MSIX - MinVersion and MaxVersionTested
[MPDEV-785] - MSIX - Url protocol
[MPDEV-782] - MSIX - Services
[MPDEV-778] - MSIX - Shortcut Arguments
[MPDEV-771] - MSIX - File Extensions

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-857] - Master Wrapper - Text typo fixes
[MPDEV-851] - MSIX - Specific FileExtension not captured
[MPDEV-849] - MSIX - File extension icons are added with empty logo entry


Release date: 06.04.2022
Master Packager 22.1.8131

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-809] - Master Repackager - Ability to copy key/file path from registry or file manager
[MPDEV-792] - Master Repackager - Improved exclusion list for Win10/11 
[MPDEV-743] - Master Packager and Master Repackager - Adjust ProductName when MSI is saved with a trial license
[MPDEV-804] - MSIX - Adjust captured package name according to MSIX rules
[MPDEV-801] - MSIX - Manifest Id element rules
[MPDEV-799] - MSIX - Logo for file type associations
[MPDEV-793] - MSIX - Locate and remove corrupted signatures from EXE and DLL files
[MPDEV-780] - MSIX - Support start menu subfolders
[MPDEV-777] - MSIX - Compatibility validation before build
[MPDEV-775] - MSIX - Core functionality

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-798] - Master Packager - Unable to create and open new MSI if an existing MSI already open
[MPDEV-787] - Master Packager - Apply HKCU registries to all users does not support unicode characters
[MPDEV-784] - Master Packager - Unable to add predefined custom action for PowerShell script

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