Release notes

Release date: 06.04.2022
Master Packager 22.1.8131

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-809] - Master Repackager - Ability to copy key/file path from registry or file manager
[MPDEV-792] - Master Repackager - Improved exclusion list for Win10/11 
[MPDEV-743] - Master Packager and Master Repackager - Adjust ProductName when MSI is saved with a trial license
[MPDEV-804] - MSIX - Adjust captured package name according to MSIX rules
[MPDEV-801] - MSIX - Manifest Id element rules
[MPDEV-799] - MSIX - Logo for file type associations
[MPDEV-793] - MSIX - Locate and remove corrupted signatures from EXE and DLL files
[MPDEV-780] - MSIX - Support start menu subfolders
[MPDEV-777] - MSIX - Compatibility validation before build
[MPDEV-775] - MSIX - Core functionality

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-798] - Master Packager - Unable to create and open new MSI if an existing MSI already open
[MPDEV-787] - Master Packager - Apply HKCU registries to all users does not support unicode characters
[MPDEV-784] - Master Packager - Unable to add predefined custom action for PowerShell script


Release date: 22.11.2021
Release notes Master Packager 21.3.7996

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-758] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Unified margins and style
[MPDEV-756] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Summary Information view changes
[MPDEV-754] - Master Packager: MSI Signing feature available for pro users only
[MPDEV-752] - Master Packager: Single view layout - View menu item
[MPDEV-748] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Services
[MPDEV-747] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Feature Overview
[MPDEV-746] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Registry
[MPDEV-745] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Files
[MPDEV-744] - Master Packager: Single view layout - General Info, Summary Info, Uninstall or Change Program
[MPDEV-742] - Free version - should work only with active internet connection 
[MPDEV-741] - Trial version - should work only with active internet connection 
[MPDEV-740] - Single view layout - Templates
[MPDEV-739] - Single view layout - Property
[MPDEV-738] - Single view layout - File Extensions
[MPDEV-737] - Single view layout - Service Control
[MPDEV-736] - Single view layout - ODBC Drivers
[MPDEV-735] - Single view layout - ODBC Data Source
[MPDEV-734] - Single view layout - Install Execute Sequence
[MPDEV-733] - Single view layout - Custom Actions
[MPDEV-732] - Single view layout - Merge Modules
[MPDEV-731] - Single view layout - Upgrade
[MPDEV-730] - Single view layout - Environment
[MPDEV-729] - Single view layout - Application Search
[MPDEV-728] - Single view layout - INI files
[MPDEV-727] - Single view layout - Shortcuts

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-761] - Master Wrapper: After cancelling save dialog still asks to open Files folder
[MPDEV-765] - Master Repackager: ServiceInstall component does not have correct keypath if service target does not have an executable extension
[MPDEV-764] - Master Repackager: Fails to generate table key with long name ending with a number
[MPDEV-763] - Master Packager: Icon names are treated as case sensitive
[MPDEV-724] - Master Packager: Adding a .url or .lnk file to MSI resolves the target


Release date: 16.06.2021
Release notes Master Packager 21.2.7837

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-723] - Master Packager: NEW Feature - Digital Signature for MSI
[MPDEV-721] - Master Packager: Property view in Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-708] - Master Packager: All third-party library update
[MPDEV-707] - Master Repakcager: Command line support for MSIX Validation
[MPDEV-705] - Master Wrapper: Added the newest PSADT 3.8.4 version 
[MPDEV-716] - Master Wrapper: Browse "Files" folder after save

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-720] - Master Packager: Missing NEW button for ODBC Source Flyout
[MPDEV-704] - Master Packager: Non readable error message when entering invalid license key
[MPDEV-706] - Master Repackager: Empty ODBC registry key causes exception


Release date: 21.01.2021
Release notes Master Packager 21.1.7691

***** Features ******
[MPDEV-692] - Master Repackager: Permit to be launched without a license to enable MSIX Compatibility validation feature for Free
[MPDEV-693] - Master Repackager: MSIX validation engine
[MPDEV-694] - Master Packager: Registry permissions
[MPDEV-700] - Master Repackager: Logic that checks if local file version for MSIX validation rules is grater than appdata

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-688] - Master Packager: Edit permissions on the folder doesn't open the start screen for permissions
[MPDEV-689] - Master Packager: Editing file name within File Editor view causes an exception
[MPDEV-690] - Master Packager: Editing file size within File Editor gives an error
[MPDEV-696] - Master Wrapper: Multiline comments are not handled correctly


Release date: 13.11.2020
Release notes Master Packager 20.4.7622

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-668] - Master Packager: Templates for permissions
[MPDEV-667] - Master Wrapper: Set appScriptDate and appScriptAuthor during save
[MPDEV-681] - Master Wrapper: Update PSAppDeployToolkit to v3.8.3
[MPDEV-682] - All: Support expiry notification

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-669] - Master Wrapper: MSP cannot be added to Actions section
[MPDEV-670] - Master Wrapper: AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml has incorrect encoding
[MPDEV-671] - Master Wrapper: Deploy-Application.ps1 Uninstall comment set as Pre-Repair comment
[MPDEV-685] - Master Wrapper: AppDeployToolkit subfolder files are overwritten with default files


Release date: 02.08.2020
Release notes Master Packager 20.3.7519

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-639] - Master Packager - Edit permissions for Folders and Files
[MPDEV-661] - Master Wrapper - Free version

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-654] - Master Packager - MSI cannot be uninstalled if MSI have Firewall CA with name that doesn't exist on target machine


Release date: 01.06.2020
Release notes Master Packager 20.2.7457

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-634] - Master Wrapper - Added configuration file
[MPDEV-635] - Master Wrapper - Can now save windows position
[MPDEV-640] - Master Packager - New permissions icon for File and Registry view
[MPDEV-641] - Master Wrapper - Users can create predefined PSADT Actions in Master Wrapper 
[MPDEV-650] - Master Wrapper - Disable Install/Uninstall/Repair sections if ps1 file doesn't have entry for them
[MPDEV-652] - Master Wrapper - PSADT repair support 
[MPDEV-658] - Master Wrapper - Add AppDeploy.ps1 script editing to Master Wrapper tab

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-569] - Master Packager - Predefined CA "Add Firewall" FW name with spaces cannot be removed
[MPDEV-636] - Master Packager - SummaryInfo binary shows as null in table editor after adding files from file editor
[MPDEV-637] - Master Packager - Clear tracked changes modifies SummaryInfo display value to <null> in _Streams table
[MPDEV-638] - Master Repacakger - Exception during build if %temp%\MasterPackager is deleted
[MPDEV-642] - Master Repacakger - Ini file entries with square brackets are not escaped correctly
[MPDEV-643] - Master Repacakger - Specific ini file causes exception during build
[MPDEV-645] - Master Repacakger - Command line optional parameter adjustment
[MPDEV-646] - Master Repacakger - Command line help does not contain license activation information
[MPDEV-648] - Master Packager - Curly braces are not escaped correctly in PowerShell predefined action
[MPDEV-653] - Master Repackager - Exception during build due to corrupted REG_QWORD registries
[MPDEV-655] - Master Packager - Renaming shortcut in advanced editor loses focus


Release date: 19.02.2020
Release notes Master Packager 20.1.7353

********* Features **********
[MPDEV-538] - Master Wrapper
[MPDEV-376] - Service error message improvement
[MPDEV-529] - Adding Files or Folders to PUBLIC folder should create custom action to support public folder
[MPDEV-546] - Added case sensitivity support for predefined CA "Replace string in text file" 
[MPDEV-603] - New code signing certificate
[MPDEV-611] - Create standard actions in InstallExecuteSeqenece if missing
[MPDEV-622] - Added button to upgrade to Professional edition from MP welcome screen

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-559] - Template item editing under Registry removes focus after few seconds
[MPDEV-596] - ODBC subkey values are left in registry table
[MPDEV-601] - Multiple Shell Extensions for same file association are not captured correctly
[MPDEV-602] - Response transform doesn't disable enabled features
[MPDEV-607] - Rows being added were not created message is thrown when adding shortcut
[MPDEV-615] - Cannot open MSI when InstallExecuteSequence contains no rows


Release date: 24.10.2019
Release notes: Master Packager 19.7.7236

********* Features **********
[MPDEV-562] - New licensing model - 1 year maintenance included

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-595] - Add row window does not display changes correctly on certain columns
[MPDEV-597] - Same File extension registered both per user and per system causes exception
[MPDEV-600] - Master Repackager command line build does not support new snapshots
[MPDEV-601] - Multiple Shell Extensions for same file association not captured correctly


Release notes Master Packager 19.6.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-563] - Master Packager - Draggable and changed StartUp logo
[MPDEV-578] - Master Packager - Shortcut Table WkDri column does not update when modifying directory row
[MPDEV-581] - Master Packager - Updated About Licence information
[MPDEV-589] - Master Repackager - Reduced snapshot size 8 times

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-566] - Shared dll attribute is not set for added dll in System32 folder
[MPDEV-579] - Change INSTALLDIR logic is not updating INSTALLDIR correctly
[MPDEV-580] - Changing INSTALLDIR updates shortcut location
[MPDEV-583] - Case sensitive font file support
[MPDEV-584] - Update prompt is displayed even if the user has the latest version
[MPDEV-585] - Master Repackager fails to build shortcut with <> symbols in Shortcut Start IN path
[MPDEV-587] - Changes directly in registry hive cause exception
[MPDEV-588] - TypeLib with empty default value causes exception
[MPDEV-591] - Response Transform is not working


Release notes Master Packager 19.5.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-550] - Master Packager - Add a new feature from Feature view in Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-555] - Master Packager - Edit and add files to Feature view in Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-556] - Master Packager - Add a new component from Feature view in Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-557] - Master Packager - Import ODBC data sources
[MPDEV-564] - Master Repackager - ODBC data source capture and handling in ODBC tables
[MPDEV-565] - Master Repackager - ODBC driver capture and handling in ODBC tables

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-549] - Could not add ini file if directory table doesn't exist
[MPDEV-552] - Custom Action type "EXE in binary table" didn't add files to binary table
[MPDEV-553] - Renaming folder name in FileTree view returned an error
[MPDEV-554] - Creating a folder in file treeview didn't create an entry in a directory table
[MPDEV-570] - Predefined Firewall custom action didn't remove Firewall exception that had a name with spaces


Release notes Master Packager 19.4.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-537] - Master Packager - Added MSP file editing support
[MPDEV-316] - Master Packager - Added logic to export Add/Remove icon from Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-387] - Master Packager - NEW Predefined CA: "Replace string in text file"
[MPDEV-455] - Master Packager - NEW Predefined CA: "Add firewall exception"
[MPDEV-465] - Master Packager - ODBC Data Source and ODBC Driver editing
[MPDEV-551] - Master Packager - Feature and Component editing from Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-547] - Master Packager - Advanced Editor UI improvements

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-540] - Master Packager - Crash resulting from copying deleted rows in Icon table
[MPDEV-542] - Master Packager - General Information view cannot be edited if Property table does not exist
[MPDEV-543] - Master Packager - Files cannot be added if File table does not exist
[MPDEV-544] - Master Packager - Feature view displays environment variables incorrectly
[MPDEV-541] - Master Repackager - Specific files in use were not captured
[MPDEV-545] - Master Packager & Master Repackager - incorrect description in UAC window


Release notes Master Packager 19.3.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-517] - Master Repackager - CLSID TreatAs Mapping
[MPDEV-518] - Master Repackager - 32bit and 64bit CLSID and Interface mapping
[MPDEV-526] - Master Repackager - Alphabetic sorting to manage captured files and registries
[MPDEV-521] - Master Packager - Right click in table editor on the same row now switches focus
[MPDEV-523] - Master Packager - Executing PowerShell scripts in predefined custom actions
[MPDEV-525] - Master Packager - When pressing enter in table editor cell it goes in editing state instead of moving to the next row
[MPDEV-534] - Master Packager - Exception description improvement for access denied during MST save

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-515] - Master Repackager does not map file paths with environment variables
[MPDEV-516] - Master Repackager captured files directly on C drive cause exception 
[MPDEV-520] - Master Packager update existing files build option to work only with new cab files
[MPDEV-522] - Create Custom table fails with an exception if the data type is not selected for more than one column
[MPDEV-524] - Error when saving vbs on a remote share
[MPDEV-530] - Add Row window updates existing rows in a table
[MPDEV-531] - InstallExecuteSequence Condition changes are not displayed correctly in datagrid
[MPDEV-532] - Parent directories are not created if they don't exist when creating subfolders to predefined directories in a folder window
[MPDEV-533] - Ctrl+v causes exception in add row window


Release notes Master Packager 19.2.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-491] - Master Repackager - Now possible to manage captured files and registries with multi-select option and delete keyboard key
[MPDEV-492] - Master Repackager - Settings exclusion file and registries window improvements
[MPDEV-496] - Master Repackager - Changes in settings are applied immediately
[MPDEV-504] - Master Repackager - Reduced size of the MRP snapshots files
[MPDEV-505] - Master Repackager - Up to 2 times improved snapshot capturing speed
[MPDEV-508] - Master Repackage - New improved build UX for Master Repackager
[MPDEV-507] - Master Packager - Menu option to run Response Transform
[MPDEV-510] - Master Packager - NEW Template "CMD to VBS"
[MPDEV-513] - Master Packager - NEW feature "Paste with overwrite" in the property table. Available only with the Professional license

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-341] - Custom Action Type window appears off screen
[MPDEV-476] - Error message updates for Response Transform
[MPDEV-484] - Update button remind me after 7 days is not working
[MPDEV-486] - Predefined CA UI issue
[MPDEV-489] - Cannot add a new item in editing flyouts after all items in flyout are deleted
[MPDEV-490] - Feature groupbox "open in advanced editor" a file is not focused
[MPDEV-495] - Building external CAB causes asterisk to appear in a window title
[MPDEV-501] - Copy/Paste quickly in File table hangs the app.
[MPDEV-502] - Exclusion not applied correctly for a specific case
[MPDEV-503] - Text Find/Replace fails to handle really long texts
[MPDEV-506] - Copy to UserProfile Action Destination textbox lose focus
[MPDEV-511] - Service without extension is not captured
[MPDEV-512] - Service without display name is not captured


Release notes Master Packager 19.1.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-338] - Master Packager – Custom Action Source relationship improvement
[MPDEV-393] - Master Packager – Table editor now support multiline text
[MPDEV-403] - Master Packager – Added Check for updates button
[MPDEV-431] - Master Packager – When renaming registry key to key that already exists they now merge
[MPDEV-463] - Master Packager – Feature and Component Tree-view groupbox
[MPDEV-467] - Master Packager – Added Find and Replace button in a File menu
[MPDEV-474] - Master Packager – Predefined Custom Actions in CA flyout
[MPDEV-424] - Master Packager – Added Settings window
[MPDEV-390] - Master Repackager – Uninstall or change program info is added automatically
[MPDEV-451] - Master Repackager – Previous window location will be remembered
[MPDEV-452] - Master Repackager – Registry and File exclusion list improvements
[MPDEV-457] - Master Repackager – Registry and File exclusion list editing
[MPDEV-466] - Master Repackager – Updates check for Master Repackager
[MPDEV-488] - Master Repackager – Performance improvement
[MPDEV-471] - Release Free version
[MPDEV-478] - Common Update mechanism for all applications

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-470] - When AppSearch has added it in Advanced Editor it is not selected by default
[MPDEV-473] - WOW6432Node Classes registry key is excluded incorrectly
[MPDEV-475] - Specific Custom Action relationships don’t trigger cascade deletion
[MPDEV-477] - INI file adding with bad format results in an exception
[MPDEV-480] - Incorrect exception when saving MSI that is in use
[MPDEV-481] - Licensing improvement
[MPDEV-482] - Get license hyperlink doesn't work from change license in help about
[MPDEV-483] - AppSearch delete navigates back to AppSearch title selection
[MPDEV-485] - Renaming INI files works incorrectly
[MPDEV-493] - Cancel on save second snapshot window returns error
[MPDEV-494] - Save As an issue


Release notes Master Packager 18.12.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-461] - Performance improvements for snapshot capturing
[MPDEV-441] - Registry exclusion list before build in Repackager
[MPDEV-445] - File/Registry tree view filter in Repackager
[MPDEV-454] - Sign Master Packager files with Master Packager Sia certificate
[MPDEV-459] - Update popup can be suppressed for all times
[MPDEV-462] - Drag & Drop registry files

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-434] - Environment variables are added with incorrect sequence
[MPDEV-450] - Parent folders are not excluded if all child folders are excluded
[MPDEV-453] - Search results view does not show primary key
[MPDEV-458] - CA.ApplyHKCUForAllUsers not apply registry for logged on domain user


Release notes Master Packager 18.11.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-381] - PowerShell dependency readable error messages
[MPDEV-401] - File exclusion treeview for Repackager (Before build)
[MPDEV-436] - Sort changes first after applying templates or importing .reg file
[MPDEV-442] - Master Packager start screen
[MPDEV-449] - Response transform

**** Issues Resolved *********
[MPDEV-415] - Cannot save MST if MST is read only
[MPDEV-417] - Cannot build 5 special files
[MPDEV-438] - CTRL+N does not work correct in Registry Editor
[MPDEV-428] - Registry rename not working correctly.
[MPDEV-430] - Renaming registy key renames incorrect key
[MPDEV-432] - MRP fails with two file extensions with content type
[MPDEV-437] - MRP shows incorrect license type in About


Release notes Master Packager 18.10.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-233] - Now when using find and replace default value will be selected cell value
[MPDEV-383] - Added to installation directory default Auto-Repackager PowerShell script
[MPDEV-408] - File/Registry treeview buttons to open treeviews in flyout for full screen experience
[MPDEV-409] - MRP.exe ApplyTemplate command line switch - to generate transform and apply templates

**** Issues Resolved *********
[MPDEV-410] - Show license edition text in help about
[MPDEV-412] - Error message for TRIAL license if there is no internet
[MPDEV-416] - Shortcut working dir is not resolved from short-path.
[MPDEV-418] - Applying Template on CustomAction table with modified schema causes multiple CA tables to appear
[MPDEV-419] - Specific Shortcut not captured
[MPDEV-420] - Files in C:\Users\Public\Documents captured incorrectly
[MPDEV-421] - C:\Users\Public\Documents is not resolved correctly
[MPDEV-422] - Cannot select all data types in Edit Schema


Release notes Master Packager 18.9.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-123] - Report bugs feature
[MPDEV-192] - _Storages table editing
[MPDEV-277] - Master Packager Advanced UI multiple datagrid row deletion
[MPDEV-308] - Advanced UI File Tree view now used in Select Directory/File views in flyouts
[MPDEV-313] - Command line support for repackager
[MPDEV-323] - %userpfile% CA added to default MSI
[MPDEV-345] - Copy per user files, folders during system installation CA template
[MPDEV-372] - Apply HKCU registries for all users during system installation CA template
[MPDEV-373] - Master Repackager user.config in %appdata% to set predefined values
[MPDEV-375] - MRP.exe help command line "MRP.exe help"
[MPDEV-380] - Internal/External file drag and drop improvement for File Tree view.
[MPDEV-385] - License generation for home page
[MPDEV-386] - Auto-Updates notification feature
[MPDEV-391] - License now can be changed from Help>About
[MPDEV-398] - Email used for licensing can be non-case-sensitive
[MPDEV-400] - Template support for MRP commands line

**** Issues Resolved *********
[MPDEV-133] - Sorting rows moves selected row
[MPDEV-348] - Removing upgrade from upgrade table caused incorrect SecureCustomProperties update
[MPDEV-357] - Editing Custom Action Source column triggers cascade update for InstallExecuteSequence and binary table
[MPDEV-358] - Service not captured for specific installation
[MPDEV-360] - Update component keypath when deleting file from File Tree view
[MPDEV-365] - AppSearch multiple row deletion
[MPDEV-368] - File extension icon is not added for specific extensions
[MPDEV-369] - Adding new part to PATH variable in front like C:\folder adds pre-existing values to environment table
[MPDEV-370] - Multi string registry import issue
[MPDEV-371] - Extensions that executable file is not a exe file issue
[MPDEV-374] - Multi string registry view from Registry tree view issue
[MPDEV-378] - File rename from UI return system error
[MPDEV-379] - Extension icon not captured when no icon specified
[MPDEV-395] - Deleting file do not remove it from component keypath
[MPDEV-396] - Deleting ini files cause error
[MPDEV-397] - ServiceControl is set incorrectly after repackaging
[MPDEV-404] - Editing upgrade deselects model issue


Release notes Master Packager 18.8.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-146] - Template Name rename function
[MPDEV-315] - Adding files update existing entries as an option
[MPDEV-332] - Environment variable capture improvement
[MPDEV-351] - License file should be generated in %AppData% instead of installdir.
[MPDEV-353] - Update component keypath when deleting registries
[MPDEV-363] - Repackager output directory name change from C:\MasterPackager to C:\MRP
[MPDEV-367] - Set Trial license to work only when user have access to internet. Internet is required to check date for trial period
[MPDEV-]    - Keybinding Window UI improvements

**** Issues Resolved *********
[MPDEV-344] - Shortcut target is set incorrectly if file is not component keypath
[MPDEV-347] - CLSID x64 issue
[MPDEV-349] - Registry values not replaced during repackaging
[MPDEV-350] - File in C:\users\default causes exception
[MPDEV-352] - KeyPath value is not deleted from database (only UI) when deleting from Registry Treeview
[MPDEV-354] - Endless loop on adding files
[MPDEV-355] - Endless loop on adding files
[MPDEV-356] - Repackager gets stuck while adding files with really long names.
[MPDEV-359] - Key replacement works incorrectly on 32bit OS
[MPDEV-361] - Pasting file in to binary table deletes file
[MPDEV-362] - MSI Repackaging default template USERPROFILE directory breaks C:\ replacement in registries
[MPDEV-364] - Shortcut to per user file is captured incorrectly
[MPDEV-366] - INSTALLDIR cannot be set for specific MSI
[MPDEV-]    - Set Installdir in Master Packager issue fix for specific MSIs when nothing happend after installdir was set to predifined folder

******* Known issues *********
[MPDEV-357] - Editing Custom Action Source column triggers cascade update for InstallExecuteSequence and binary table
[MPDEV-357] - File extension icon is not added for specific extensions


Release notes Master Packager 18.7.1
********* Features ***********
[MPDEV-24] - Exception handling implementation
[MPDEV-310] - Errors are now written in log file

**** Issues Resolved *********
[MPDEV-246] - Extensions specific case fix
[MPDEV-270] - Repackager registry trivial x64 component issue
[MPDEV-275] - Repackager directory shortcut issue
[MPDEV-327] - Validation CAB cannot see the changes
[MPDEV-335] - Path in registry value is not resolved
[MPDEV-336] - Adding files to existing folders creates new directories in directory table
[MPDEV-337] - Replace all does not work
[MPDEV-339] - Capturing on 32bit OS treats ProgramFilesFolder as 64bit
[MPDEV-340] - Shortcut with non-existing target gets captured incorrectly
[MPDEV-342] - Shortcut flyout target path should end with "\" for directory keys
[MPDEV-343] - Validation issue when trying go to the error


Release notes Master Packager 18.6.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-29]  - Show information message when repackager haven’t found any differences between snapshots or all differences are excluded
[MPDEV-180] - Binary table cell editing now show vbs editor window
[MPDEV-193] – Now it is possible to set Hex/decimal values as default ones for table editor. Currently it can be set by directly changing user.config file in %appdata%

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-268] – Repackager didn’t capture specific service is not captured
[MPDEV-276] - Repackager detects special symbol that should not be in INI file table instead ini file must be set as a file in file table
[MPDEV-302] - Repackager captures two empty folders in program menu folder when shortcuts are captured
[MPDEV-317] - C:\Users\username\Documents is not transformed to MSI path correctly
[MPDEV-318] - Primary key generation length exceeds column schema allowed length
[MPDEV-319] - Specific extensions is not moved to extensions table after repackaging
[MPDEV-320] - Directory primary key should not be generated with all capitals
[MPDEV-321] - Add files bug when there are already 10 cabs
[MPDEV-324] - Cannot change binary table name column cell name
[MPDEV-326] - ProgramMenuFolder Dir is not set under RemoveFile table
[MPDEV-328] - Chrome repackage captures networking folder issue
[MPDEV-329] - HKCR registry correct handling
[MPDEV-330] - File primary Key correct handling with a.txt and A.txt case
[MPDEV-331] - Shortcuts target dir and argument is not changed to MSI PATH
[MPDEV-334] - Replace Cell windows do not show textbox


Release notes Master Packager 18.5.4
********* Features *********
[MPDEV-283] - User Configuration handling
[MPDEV-298] - Move log file to app data
[MPDEV-301] - Per user directories should be added to Removefile table
[MPDEV-304] - CTRL+F text automatic selection

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-296] - The process cannot access the file
[MPDEV-299] - Empty folder in per-user folder should be under each comp with HKCU reg
[MPDEV-300] - Environment variable is captured incorrectly
[MPDEV-303] - File names with less than 8 symbols and with spaces should also generate short filename.
[MPDEV-306] - Primary key generation issue
[MPDEV-307] - Summary Information is broken for Repackager
[MPDEV-312] - ICE 18 error fix
[MPDEV-309] - Service is not captured.


Release notes Master Packager 18.5.1
********* Features *********
[MPDEV-45]  - Clean database feature
[MPDEV-126] - Short key to get to templates from Table editor: Ctrl+Shitft+T
[MPDEV-255] - Repackager replace hard coded path to MSI property automatically
[MPDEV-265] - Interfaces capturing
[MPDEV-269] - Multiple environment variables each need to have their own entry
[MPDEV-273] - Repackager per-user file handling
[MPDEV-281] - Repackager build step button binding
[MPDEV-284] - File path too long handling
[MPDEV-286] - Registry import speed improvement
[MPDEV-287] - Build option - noncompressed improvement
[MPDEV-288] - Tables > Edit schema - only one table can be selected at once
[MPDEV-289] - Cascade window to be shown when deleting/updating registries
[MPDEV-292] - VBS editor should set colour for paths

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-150] - Editing cell value for 0.5 sec show previous selected cell value
[MPDEV-225] - Some services are not captured
[MPDEV-231] - Repackaging extensions handling with shortpath
[MPDEV-240] - CLSID Mapping (CX-ONE package) issue
[MPDEV-251] - Import table trivial colour bug
[MPDEV-253] - QWORD registry value should be imported as reg binary.
[MPDEV-257] - Some extensions not captured
[MPDEV-258] - Repackager escape square brackets
[MPDEV-259] - Copy paste bug
[MPDEV-260] - Checkboxes in uninstall or change program should delete property
[MPDEV-261] - Cannot rename registry
[MPDEV-263] - Repackager CLSID issue
[MPDEV-264] - CLSID issue Typlib x64 vs WOW6432
[MPDEV-266] - Repackager shortcut issue
[MPDEV-267] - DPI scaling issue
[MPDEV-271] - MP file path not showing TARGETDIR
[MPDEV-272] - Add predefined table adds duplicate table on specific msi
[MPDEV-274] - Repackager shortcut .LNK issue
[MPDEV-278] - UI block issue with cascade deletion
[MPDEV-279] - Delete folder system error
[MPDEV-280] - Slow cascade deletion
[MPDEV-282] - CTRL+T does not work until clicked in smart ui
[MPDEV-285] - Registry goupbox is not refreshing
[MPDEV-290] - Deleting registries should remove also key path for components
[MPDEV-291] - Upgrade groupbox delete not working
[MPDEV-293] - Delete of specific folder return error
[MPDEV-294] - Ctrl + R trivial issue in editor


Release notes Master Packager 18.2.1
********* Features *********
[MPDEV-96]  - Powershell template check for 32bit execution policy
[MPDEV-201] - Sort all validation warnings/errors to top using Ctrl + E
[MPDEV-220] - Modified changes sorting in table using A>Z
[MPDEV-227] - Left menu count bar to show groupbox element count.

******** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-121] - After changing Shortcut location folder it is doesn't refresh in Shortcut flyout
[MPDEV-196] - MP not lunching due to corrupted config file
[MPDEV-208] - Table Editor drop down and relationship value update
[MPDEV-216] - Error after build later
[MPDEV-217] - Error when switching from Table to Smart editor
[MPDEV-218] - Build issue when adding files from source path
[MPDEV-221] - INI files shortfile name are generated different for every row
[MPDEV-222] - Build outside cabs error - directory is not empty
[MPDEV-223] - Template cannot be applied if registry table do not exist.
[MPDEV-228] - Adding files adds all folders and subfolders in same folder
[MPDEV-229] - Template does not work with Custom PowerShell scripts
[MPDEV-230] - Registry export from MP issue
[MPDEV-232] - INI files editing doesn't work
[MPDEV-234] - Validation table issue
[MPDEV-235] - Registry export handles quote incorrectly
[MPDEV-238] - Double directory creation issue
[MPDEV-239] - Specific MSI icon table row deletion error
[MPDEV-241] - Copy column(s) bug
[MPDEV-242] - Template folder permissions error
[MPDEV-244] - CA flyout type SetDirectory missing two textboxes
[MPDEV-245] - Cannot import table
[MPDEV-247] - Build issue when source file is missing
[MPDEV-248] - Pasting rows handles quotes incorrectly
[MPDEV-250] - Copy Icon table rows return system error


Release notes Master Packager 18.1.1
********* Features *********
[MPDEV-143] - Maximum number of files in a single CAB 64K
[MPDEV-149] - Validate table update only when no required row
[MPDEV-162] - Template flyout apply template buttons
[MPDEV-163] - Template groupbox filter
[MPDEV-166] - Adding files for build - speed improvement
[MPDEV-185] - Change icon > by default select first icon
[MPDEV-189] - Mermodule marge conflict window remove with config
[MPDEV-190] - Apply MST on MSI when different name
[MPDEV-197] - Colour refresh in table editor
[MPDEV-202] - Cut function in table editor is not working

******** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-137] - Adding entry from flyout adds it to bottom and does not scroll
[MPDEV-140] - Cannot set Schema: 400 in MP
[MPDEV-158] - CTRL+G does not modify MSI row if cell is not in edit mode
[MPDEV-159] - Remove existing table from MST. Display error.
[MPDEV-160] - Editing transform when msi is set as read only
[MPDEV-161] - Registry treeview is not updating when "replace cell" is used in editor
[MPDEV-164] - Upgrade table existing value change bug
[MPDEV-165] - File Attributes after building compressed file
[MPDEV-167] - Copying and pasting rows from tables with multiple PKs works incorrectly
[MPDEV-168] - UI not responsive during template apply
[MPDEV-169] - Cannot sort Shortcut table Shortcut Name column
[MPDEV-170] - Cascade window is not showing is specific case
[MPDEV-171] - After import table cannot save MSI
[MPDEV-172] - Replace cell(s) bug #2 - MP not see changes
[MPDEV-173] - Replace cell(s) bug
[MPDEV-174] - Choose value in Shortcut table, directory column
[MPDEV-175] - Cannot delete Directory Root_Folder_1
[MPDEV-176] - Pasting rows with generating new keys are calculated incorrectly
[MPDEV-177] - Laggy user interface
[MPDEV-178] - Ini file duplicate records,
[MPDEV-179] - Freeze after cascade update.
[MPDEV-181] - Adding registry row gui
[MPDEV-182] - fail to open specific vendor msi
[MPDEV-183] - Merge module location
[MPDEV-184] - Copy cell adds new line
[MPDEV-186] - HEX editing in table view is not working
[MPDEV-187] - Validation table media row correct value to long integer
[MPDEV-188] - Adding files File version, language bug
[MPDEV-191] - Actions in icon table sometimes return system error
[MPDEV-194] - Mermodule should be able to build only outside when MST
[MPDEV-195] - Filter in table view is not resetting when changing tables
[MPDEV-198] - Row focus improvement using filter
[MPDEV-199] - Cannot delete rows in specific case
[MPDEV-200] - After applying default Template validation warning appears
[MPDEV-203] - Cannot open MSI when icon too large
[MPDEV-206] - After find Replace MSI cannot see that changes were made
[MPDEV-207] - ShortPath improvement
[MPDEV-209] - Hex to dec switch create additional 0x on each switch


Release notes Master Packager 17.11.1
********* Features *********
[MPSP-13]   - _Validation table will be automatically updated when table is added or deleted.
[MPSP-19]   - Add Row window navigation improvements.
[MPSP-34]   - Upgrade editor now performs alphanumerical sorting on columns and allows editing of ActionProperty column.
[MPDEV-74]  - AppSearch editor validation improvement.
[MPDEV-118] - Default path for creating new transform.
[MPDEV-124] - Allow to edit _Streams table.
[MPDEV-148] - Templates “Replace if exists”    In templates allow add Property value only if Property name exists.

******** Issues Resolved ********
[MPSP-36]   - Fixed random failures on applying merge modules.
[MPSP-38]   - Template editor title is not showing underscores
[MPSP-42]   - Wrong file count displayed in File tree view.
[MPDEV-52]  - Uninstall or Change Program does not delete property when text is cleared from text box.
[MPDEV-83]  - Fixed random failure on opening MST files.
[MPDEV-103] - Showing add/remove and Shortcut icons in Smart Editor - remove case sensitive icon primary key read.
[MPDEV-120] - 3170 Custom Action type is not showing in UI.
[MPDEV-129] - Empty/non-empty table indicator in table editor is changed to empty when user updates primary key in table with single row.
[MPDEV-130] - Application does not correctly build registry key while importing .reg file if user selects to escape square brackets.
[MPDEV-136] - Deleting all entries in Custom Action editor causes UI to do not allow to add a new Custom Action again until user re-opens CA editing flyout.
[MPDEV-138] - Application shows “Internal system error” on opening a MSI when no custom action table is in msi.
[MPDEV-139] - Cannot open MSI with read-only attribute.
[MPDEV-147] - Rows are copy/pasted incorrectly if copied text in clipboard contains quotation marks.
[MPDEV-152] - Application throws system error when template folder does not have READ permission.
[MPDEV-155] - Powershell properties cannot use file browser in scripts.

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