Release notes

Release date: 7 September 2023
Release notes Master Packager 23.5.8650

• MPDEV-1490 Master Packager - Address vulnerability of the System.Management.Automation library

Bugs fixed
• MPDEV-1483 Master Repackager - Cannot open PSADT version 3.8.4 or older packages
• MPDEV-1491 Master Repackager - Ini file entries with no value cause exception

Release date: 4 September 2023
Release notes Master Packager 23.5.8647


• MPDEV-1392 Master Packager - Add a keyboard shortcut (Delete key) for Feature editor
• MPDEV-1367 Master Packager - Improve thumbprint validation
• MPDEV-1335 Master Packager - Don’t show validation errors when digital signature window is opened
• MPDEV-1334 Master Packager - Add a context menu for the Icon field with right-click functionality
• MPDEV-1391 Master Packager - Suppress the cascade window from appearing when deleting predefined actions
• MPDEV-1419 Master Repackager - Non-executable file-targeting shortcuts should not be advertised
• MPDEV-1345 Master Repackager - Remove trailing spaces from MSIX shortcut arguments
• MPDEV-1414 Master Repackager CL - MRP.exe show help command in case of incorrect arguments
• MPDEV-1402 Master Repackager CL - MRP.exe DisableUpdates -allusers switch not documented in help
• MPDEV-1386 Master Repackager CL - DisableUpdates command should work without a license
• MPDEV-1365 Master Wrapper - Add support for new line character in custom message text
• MPDEV-1360 Master Wrapper - Create empty SupportFiles and Files folder when PSADT project is saved

Bugs fixed

• MPDEV-1342 Master Packager - Fix the issue where changing the name in the CA editor doesn’t trigger cascade updates
• MPDEV-1457 Master Packager - Address the problem where deleted registries aren’t displaying as such in the tree view
• MPDEV-1433 Master Packager - Ensure that text in the editing control is initially focused/selected when editing table editor cells
• MPDEV-1423 Master Packager - Remove digital signature from default.msi
• MPDEV-1403 Master Packager - Resolve a bug where the cell attribute editor modifies the value upon opening
• MPDEV-1401 Master Packager - Fix a focus issue where the main window doesn’t regain focus after editing a row in the Table Editor
• MPDEV-1400 Master Packager - Fix an error that occurs when loading binary into the MsiEmbeddedUI table
• MPDEV-1390 Master Packager - Delete keyboard shortcut not working in registry editor
• MPDEV-1385 Master Packager - ODBC Driver editor should not edit file table before adding entry
• MPDEV-1384 Master Packager - Attribute editor is incorrect in MsiEmbeddedUI table MessageFilter column
• MPDEV-1382 Master Packager - Next row is not automatically focused when deleting a row in advanced editor data grids
• MPDEV-1381 Master Packager - Error when deleting registry rows in registry editor
• MPDEV-1327 Master Packager - Auto-fit column width is enabled even if MSI not open
• MPDEV-1324 Master Repackager - ProductIcon not captured when repackaging MSI
• MPDEV-1476 Master Repackager - File associations not added from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes
• MPDEV-1364 Master Wrapper - custom message text not loaded correctly

Release date: 18 July 2023

Release notes Master Packager 23.4.8599


• MPDEV-1143 Master Packager - Added support for MSI signing with thumb-print
• MPDEV-1177 Master Packager - Improve custom action references
• MPDEV-1193 Master Packager - Improved validation in General Information
• MPDEV-1195 Master Packager - Fixed bug when Summary Information is updated but changes are not reflected in the _Streams table
• MPDEV-1198 Master Packager - File Extension editor improvements
• MPDEV-1199 Master Packager - Fixed error when saving MSI file without Component and Directory tables
• MPDEV-1208 Master Packager - Enabled cascade delete/update actions for formatted type references
• MPDEV-1209 Master Packager - Enabled cascade deletion support when dropping tables
• MPDEV-1240 Master Packager - Update installation wizard UI/UX to match the year we are living
• MPDEV-1252 Master Packager/Repackager - Cap CAB size limit at 2000 MB
• MPDEV-1185 Master Repackager - Detect elevation for EXE and add required MSIX capabilities
• MPDEV-1268 Master Repackager - MSIX Environment variables support other paths than path to executable
• MPDEV-1290 Master Repackager - Updated file/registry exclusion list

Bugs fixed

• MPDEV-1186 Master Packager - Sometimes attribute editor loses the selected value upon selection
• MPDEV-1197 Master Packager - Services and Component drop-downs in the Service Control editor in Advanced Editor - Focus view
• MPDEV-1212 Master Packager - Right-clicking on the table does not set column widths correctly
• MPDEV-1216 Master Packager - Cascade delete stuck in a loop when deleting specific rows from the Control table
• MPDEV-1217 Master Packager - Cascade delete/update didn’t work for some tables with foreign key references
• MPDEV-1219 Master Packager - Component drop-down is empty in ODBC Data Source editor, in Advanced Editor - Focus view
• MPDEV-1220 Master Packager - Component drop-down is empty in Environment variable editor, in Advanced Editor - Focus view
• MPDEV-1222 Master Packager - Component drop-down is empty in Shortcuts editor, in Advanced Editor - Focus view
• MPDEV-1223 Master Packager - Component drop-down is empty in INI files editor, in Advanced Editor - Focus view
• MPDEV-1236 Master Packager - Focus “Find” TextBox when Find/Replace window is opened
• MPDEV-1250 Master Packager - ServiceInstall ServiceType column attributes editor was incorrect
• MPDEV-1255 Master Packager - Unable to add standard action under Advanced Editor - Custom Actions
• MPDEV-1256 Master Packager - Clear tracked changes did not remove validation errors on tables
• MPDEV-1280 Master Packager - Rare and sporadic “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” exception during ICE validation
• MPDEV-1293 Master Packager - After adding standard action in InstallExecuteSequence editor it is not selected
• MPDEV-1294 Master Packager - InstallExecuteSequence duplicate sequence message with non visible cancel button
• MPDEV-1316 Master Packager - Component added under incorrect feature
• MPDEV-1302 Master Packager/Repackager - Advertised shortcuts in startup folder show incorrect name in Startup settings
• MPDEV-1260 Master Repackager - It wasn’t possible to sign and build MSIX with SHA 256/512 certificate
• MPDEV-1283 Master Repackager - Registry exclusion ignores configured registry name
• MPDEV-1210 Master Repackager - Icon is not converted correctly to PNG when building MSIX
• MPDEV-1289 Master Repackager CL - MSI Installation license command line does not overwrite license
• MPDEV-1258 Master Wrapper - Optimized navigation away from Script Editor tab

Release date: 08.05.2023

Release notes Master Packager 23.3.8528


• MPDEV-1064 Master Repackager - show included/excluded item count during cleanup
• MPDEV-1132 Master Packager - improved ICE validation failure message
• MPDEV-1133 Master Wrapper - added UI to view/edit AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml configuration
• MPDEV-1166 Master Repackager - automatically detects MSIX platform based on the files/registries in the package
• MPDEV-1184 Master Wrapper - updated to support PSAppDeploymentToolkit 3.9.3

Bugs fixed

• MPDEV-1113 Master Repackager - shortcut WorkingDIR with env var is captured incorrectly
• MPDEV-1114 Master Packager/Repackager - Modified icon storage format to binary PE for shortcut icons
• MPDEV-1128 Master Packager - Unclear ‘Update Existing Files’ functionality when using for existing cab files
• MPDEV-1129 Master Wrapper - Script editor loses changes in certain sections
• MPDEV-1141 Only one opened instance of MP/MRP/MW can write to log file

Release date: 15.03.2023

Release notes Master Packager 23.2.8474

***** Issues Resolved ******

• MPDEV-1111 - Master Repackager - Shortcut arguments and working dir are captured incorrectly

• MPDEV-1112 - Master Repackager - Platform is not set automatically for 32-bit applications

Release date: 14.03.2023

Release notes Master Packager 23.2.8473

******* Features ********

• MPDEV-941 - Master Repackager - App Library will find recipes for non-standard app names

• MPDEV-1030 - Master Packager - User-created Templates will now be saved under %AppData%, not %ProgramData%

• MPDEV-1031 - Master Wrapper - User-created PSADT Actions will now be saved under %AppData%, not %ProgramData%

• MPDEV-1039 - Master Repackager - User-created exclusions will now be saved under %AppData%, not %ProgramFiles%

• MPDEV-1042 - Master Packager - Created a one-click button to set PowerShell execution policy when applying templates

• MPDEV-1056 - Master Packager - Added an option to activate Master Packager for all users using mrp.exe and MSI

• MPDEV-1058 - Master Packager - Added an option to disable updates for all users with mrp.exe (available with PRO edition)

• MPDEV-1069 - Master Repackager - Added the same naming for platform names as in Master Packager

• MPDEV-1093 - Master Wrapper - Create an .intunewin file from PSADT package (available with PRO edition)

***** Issues Resolved ******

• MPDEV-1068 - Master Repackager - MSI name does not change when changing captured application

• MPDEV-1084 - Master Packager - Cannot add a custom action from the Advanced Editor CA view

• MPDEV-1090 - Master Packager - Row editing in Templates for custom actions is too narrow

• MPDEV-1091 - Master Wrapper - Cannot click on MW logo section if no logo is loaded

• MPDEV-1096 - Master Wrapper - PSADT applying action on Install doesn’t work

Release date: 13.02.2023

Release notes Master Packager 23.1.8444

******* Features ********

• MPDEV-929 - Master Packager - Added PSF to the Master Packager Installdir

• MPDEV-947 - Master Packager - Checking if MSI contains files in 64bit locations and inform user to set correct platform

• MPDEV-958 - Master Packager - Created predefined human readable Custom Action condition names from table editor

• MPDEV-964 - Master Packager - Logfiles now have Master Packager version

• MPDEV-984 - Master Packager - More understandable platform names

• MPDEV-1002 - Master Packager - Created predefined custom action to add new lines to end or beggining of the text file

• MPDEV-1037 - Master Packager - Updated PSADT version to 3.9.2

***** Issues Resolved ******

• MPDEV-962 - Master Repackager - Repackaged MSI output file name should match application name

• MPDEV-962 - Master Repackager - Typo in MRP app library help text

• MPDEV-968 - Master Repackager - AppLibrary icon shifts UI

• MPDEV-990 - Master Repackager - PSF escape regex in executable name

• MPDEV-1028 - Master Repackager - Cannot extract specific applications icon

• MPDEV-1021 - Master Packager - When moving between MSI tables in table editor columns are not autosizing

• MPDEV-1024 - Master Packager - File Extensions bug that leads to app internal system error

• MPDEV-1049 - Master Packager - CMD to VBS template caused some windows to not be displayed

• MPDEV-1011 - MP Features Advanced UI - new component not visible after creation

• MPDEV-1012 - MP Features Advanced UI - tree view selection with right click

• MPDEV-1017 - MP Features Advanced UI - cannot add anything to newly added component

• MPDEV-1035 - Master Wrapper - Script editor CTRL+Z deletes all text

• MPDEV-989 - Master Wrapper - Minimize windows checkbox was incorrect

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