Introducing Master Packager Dev

Announcing Master Packager Dev - designed to enable developers to create enterprise-quality Windows application packages (MSI, MSIX) that end-users love, enterprises want, and the Windows OS needs.

Application management shouldn’t be complex and expensive.

We’re determined to lead the new movement dedicated to changing the system at its root for most app management problems.

We asked the question.
Why has nothing changed in the last 20+ years?

  • Why do we still have to do re-packaging?
  • Why does IT need to do the rework and spend time and money on packages that should be done correctly from the start?

We believe that the main reason is Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that do not understand the needs of larger organizations.

Microsoft and others have done little to educate software vendors and change the culture of delivering unprofessional installer packages, causing thousands of organizations to spend millions of dollars on rework instead of focusing on their core business.

In most cases, ISVs and development teams do not understand why they should add extra work to their installer packages.

ISVs aren’t fully aware of the widespread costs of repackaging for countless organizations worldwide together.

We need to help them answer these questions:

  • Why application packages must be built in a certain way?
  • How can installer packages be created that end-users love, enterprises want, and the Windows OS needs?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How much time will it take?

Master Packager Team will focus on all points, explaining why installer packages must be created in a certain way and providing solutions that will enable developers to create and automate professional MSI/MSIX packages in minutes, not days.

Creating MSI and MSIX packages should be extremely easy, but until now it is not the case.

With Master Packager Dev

  • No need to learn how MSI/MSIX technologies work.
  • Simply define what you want to install and where it should be placed.
  • Generate both MSI and MSIX packages from a single project file.
  • Receive validation notifications that highlight MSIX limitations and security improvements.

A lot more features that is needed to enable Developers to build better packages easier


Of course, it will not work at scale if this solution is expensive.
That’s why we have introduced a small fee for small businesses and enterprises.
One license for one organization.
No per-developer or per-package fees.
For non-commercial and open-source projects, Master Packager Dev is completely free.

What’s next

This is just the first step.
There is more to this.
Keep following us as we will share each step closer to the goal of simpler application management.

Get the first public version of Master Packager Dev here:

Build better packages faster and share your feedback so we can all improve.

The Master Packager Team

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