Consider Switching from Orca to Master Packager


December 20, 2022


Here are 7 reasons to switch from the Microsoft Orca MSI editing tool that hasn't been updated for years to Master Packager.

1. Advanced Editor

  • MSI database represented in a simple user interface
  • With a few clicks, do more than by editing tables in Orca
  • The overview interface lets you spot issues at a glance

2. Table Editor

  • We've made sure this is the best table editor you'll ever need
  • Find value references in a heartbeat with a relationship feature
  • Super-fast filter will find what you're looking for
  • Value lookup window displays the information you want
  • And much more

3. Adding files

With Master Packager you drag and drop 

  • Files
  • Folders
  • Folders with subfolders full of files

Press build and you are ready to go.

How much time it can take with Orca? 🥶

 4. Predefined Custom Actions (CAs)

We've predefined CAs that work under the system account, including

  • Applying/removing HKCU registries to all users
  • Copying/deleting files to a per-user location for all users
  • Replacing strings in text
  • Adding firewall exceptions

5. Response Transform

  • Easily find where vendor MSI stores values from the installation wizard
  • Automatically generated MST with valuable info only
  • Saves you so much time
  • Saves you money, as it's available in a free community version

6. Templates

  • Automate boring parts of the packaging
  • Package once, then just press "apply template X" next time
  • Saves you OMG so much time
  • Store:
    • Properties
    • Registries
    • Summary information
    • Custom actions
    • Install execute sequence

7. Support

Orca is no longer supported. Do you really want to use a tool that isn't updated?

Master Packager:

  • Frequently updates
  • 0 bug policy
  • We read every feature/bug/question request
  • Helps you become a Master Packager


We’ve worked with almost every other packaging tool in the market.

We combined the knowledge into one software with a vision to make you a Master Packager while saving you time and money.

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