Master Packager 24.2.8811 release highlights

We’re releasing a new version of Master Packager to make application management easy and affordable.

What’s new?

1. NEW Application → Master Packager Toolbox

Master Packager Toolbox is a Pro edition application that will have a variety of tools to assist with day-to-day packaging tasks.

Master Packager Toolbox. NEW.

The first tool built is “Installed Apps.” and its main task is to help packagers do application evaluation before starting to package the app.

Master Packager Toolbox helps solve the following problems:

  • What applications are present in the system?
  • In what sequence applications get installed?
  • What is the product code or other specifications of this app?
  • Did EXE have MSI inside? If yes, where is the MSI?
  • Where to get the Application logo as PNG for Intune?
  • What is the PSADT uninstall command line for specific MSI, EXE, and MSIX apps?
  • Is there a packaging recipe guide available for this specific app I installed?
  • Did my package uninstall all the apps it installed?

See ALL installed applications and get details of them.

Open application to see detailed information about the app.

Read more about how exactly Master Packager Toolbox solves these problems here.

2. Compare two MSI files

Sometimes you want to know what the difference is between two MSI files.
Now, with Master Packager Pro 24.2.8811 you can do that.

Compare two MSI files with Master Packager.

3. Easy button to clean repackaging noise

It is crucial to not leave system files and registries in the repackaged application.

One neat trick we teach in our application packaging training is checking if a specific file or registry key with more values exists on the machine.

Now when cleaning a repackaged app from the noise packagers have an easy button to open Windows Registry Editor or File Explorer. Viewing the registry key in Regedit or a folder in File Explorer allows inspecting file content and other registry values under the key. This can help decide if the file or registry should be left in the package or not.

enter image description here

4. Fixed all reported bugs

We do fix all the bugs that we get reported.
There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from being a Master Packager.

Read all release notes here:

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