Master Packager 23.3.8528 release highlights

May 8, 2023

We just released a new version of Master Packager 23.3.8528.

Let's dive deep into the main features:

  • During the cleanup of repackaged applications, we now show the count of excluded files as well. 
    This improvement will help you understand in which folders there are excluded files/registries, allowing you to double-check if everything is excluded as expected. 
    Previously, it would have been required to go through every folder, which takes much more time.

  • The Master Wrapper now displays the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit configuration file in its own UI section called Configuration. 
    This helps you to quickly locate, review, and modify the PS AppDeployToolkit configuration. 
    This feature saves time and reduces the possibility of human errors.

  • Master Wrapper is updated to use the latest PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit version.
  • Master Repackager detects and sets the correct MSIX package architecture based on the captured files and registry information.
  • We have added support for captured application shortcuts that have environment variables as their working directory.
    We now automatically create a custom action that sets the same working directory as it was for the original application. 
    Custom Actions are necessary because MSI technology does not support environment variables as working directories.
    Our goal is to minimize user interactions after a package has been repackaged, and improvements like this help us achieve that goal.
  • Fixed reported bugs.

Read full release notes here.

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