Master Packager at AppManagEvent 2023

On October 6, in the Netherlands, the Master Packager Team attended the AppManageEvent 2023 as a gold partner for the second consecutive year. Recognized as the premier Application Packaging event, AppManageEvent provides IT Professionals and decision-makers with updates on leading technologies, tools, strategies, insights, and trends in Application Management. It’s an essential gathering for staying informed about the latest technologies and trends. Moreover, it offers a unique opportunity to meet partners and vendors who can help address everyday application management challenges.

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This year, all three co-founders of Master Packager - Nauris, Edijs, and myself, Toms - were there. Events like these allow us to connect with our existing customers, fans, and potential leads. Additionally, we had the opportunity to meet and greet our heroes whom we’ve learned from and followed for years like Tim Mangan from TMurgent Technologies, Bogdan Mitrache from Advanced Installer, and Marcin Otorowski from Raynet to name a few. A special shout-out to Rory Monaghan and Dan Gough - it was a pleasure to finally meet and chat with you both.

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We don’t just attend events like these to chat; we also aim to share our ideas and vision. This year, we prepared a session on a topic that has been on our mind for the last two years – why there has been no significant change in the Application Management space for years. We have spent years reading, watching, and following industry experts in the application management space trying to answer this question. I believe we have found the answer. Changes in this industry will not happen overnight, but with current trends, the shift towards improvement is barely visible. That’s why we want to start making some dent in this space, so our children won’t have to do re-work as we had to. You can watch the session and see if you agree with us.

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Amsterdam is a beautiful city. After the event, we spent two days exploring the city by renting bikes and riding more than 60km, trying different cuisines, visiting escape rooms, and enjoying some industrial art.

See you next year at AppManageEvent 2024 on October 11.

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The Master Packager Team

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