Master Packager 23.4.8599 release highlights

The new release of Master Packager 23.4.8599 is out now! 🚀

In this version, we focused on three main things:

1. Installation Experience:

One area that was done nicely by the MSIX team was simplifying the installation process by removing the installation wizard.

Taking inspiration from this, we've made the following changes to our MSI Installation wizard:

  • A modern feel and look 
  • Short about description
  • Publisher and Version values are hyperlinks directing to the vendor webpage and release notes.
  • The End User License Agreement (EULA), which no one reads, has been moved under the "Privacy & Terms" hyperlink to get a clean look.

We have more improvements for this in the works.

2. Smaller Improvements:

  • Added support for MSI signing with thumbprints.
  • Enhanced custom action references.
  • Improved cascade deletion when removing rows from the MSI table.
  • Added PSF for MSIX Environment variables to support paths other than executable paths.
  • Updated the repackager file and registry exclusion list.
  • Much more

3. Bugfixes:

We've fixed all reported bugs. 
Our zero-bug policy means that if you take the time to report an issue, we prioritize fixing it in the next version, as we consider every bug reported to be significant.


Download the latest version here: 

Full release notes here:


Please let us know what else you would need to become a Master Packager.
We value your feedback and are listening to every suggestion.

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