Does repackaging void the vendor warranty?


December 20, 2022


Vendors may try to avoid supporting your application if they find out you have packaged it.

This could be as simple as an MST file or a completely repackaged app that the vendors may not be pleased with and may refuse support.

Yet, no matter how you repackage your application - whether it's into an MSI, App-V, MSIX, or even MSIX App Attach - you are entitled to vendor support.


Here's how to get vendor support every time despite your packaging format:
Make sure you are recreating the issue using the original vendor media.

When the issue is replicated manually using the vendor's raw media, you can clarify two important things:

  1. You know that the issue is with the original vendor media setup and not caused by poor packaging.
  2. Vendors have clear, manual steps on how to reproduce the issue locally, and they don't need to know anything about packaging.

Additionally, you want to avoid using certain words when speaking to the vendor's technical support. 
Words such as MST, App-V, MSI, MSIX, packaged, repackaged, etc.  

They don't need to know how you are packaging and distributing your applications

If the issue can be replicated locally using the original vendor media you will get the vendor's warranty.


I hope this helps and that you learn something new.

The Master Packager team

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