The Master Packager Master Plan, Part 1

  1. Build application packaging software that can package any Win32 app. ✅

    Software that creates the highest-quality packages faster.
    At the same time is not bloated with unused features, but the ones that solve problems.

  2. Make application packaging affordable. ✅

    Application packaging software is expensive.
    Companies compromise on package quality because they cannot afford good packaging software.
    We know that feeling.
    With Master Packager it is not the case.
    If you are paying more than 1500 EUR/USD for a single packaging software license to do application packaging, you are overpaying.
  3. Share knowledge on how to create excellent application packages.

    Tools alone are not enough to package any Win32 application.
    Packagers need to know "how to."
    We have knowledge from thousands of applications while working with hundreds of enterprises.
    So we created courses where IT professionals have access to all the information needed to package any Win32 application.


Yet, all this is not enough.
Scalability is crucial and packaging each time vendors release new versions of their app is the opposite of scalable and effortless.
With Master Packager we make this process much easier.
And we will continue to do so.
However, we need to understand one thing.

Without Step 4, enterprises will stay paralyzed in the packaging process forever.

I believe packaging should be effortless and now it isn't.

Step 4. Help developers become Master Packagers. ⏱️

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