Master Packager Silent Installation

A guide how to install Master Packager software silently.

Installation switches

  • Installation: msiexec /i masterpackager.msi /qn
  • Uninstallation: msiexec /x masterpackager.msi /qn
  • Repair: msiexec /f masterpackager.msi /qn

License Activation

Master Packager Pro license can be activated during installation using following command:

  • msiexec /i masterpackager.msi /qn ACTIVATIONEMAIL=“License Activation Email” LICENSEKEY=“License Activation Key”
  • To activate license for all users please add ACTIVATEFORALLUSERS=1 property.

Disable update popup

Master Packager will display popup about new updates available. To disable this popup please use following command:

  • msiexec /i masterpackager.msi /qn DISABLEUPDATES=1
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