Release notes Master Packager 17.11.1

********* Features *********
[MPSP-13]   - _Validation table will be automatically updated when table is added or deleted.
[MPSP-19]   - Add Row window navigation improvements.
[MPSP-34]   - Upgrade editor now performs alphanumerical sorting on columns and allows editing of ActionProperty column.
[MPDEV-74]  - AppSearch editor validation improvement.
[MPDEV-118] - Default path for creating new transform.
[MPDEV-124] - Allow to edit _Streams table.
[MPDEV-148] - Templates “Replace if exists”    In templates allow add Property value only if Property name exists.

******** Issues Resolved ********
[MPSP-36]   - Fixed random failures on applying merge modules.
[MPSP-38]   - Template editor title is not showing underscores
[MPSP-42]   - Wrong file count displayed in File tree view.
[MPDEV-52]  - Uninstall or Change Program does not delete property when text is cleared from text box.
[MPDEV-83]  - Fixed random failure on opening MST files.
[MPDEV-103] - Showing add/remove and Shortcut icons in Smart Editor - remove case sensitive icon primary key read.
[MPDEV-120] - 3170 Custom Action type is not showing in UI.
[MPDEV-129] - Empty/non-empty table indicator in table editor is changed to empty when user updates primary key in table with single row.
[MPDEV-130] - Application does not correctly build registry key while importing .reg file if user selects to escape square brackets.
[MPDEV-136] - Deleting all entries in Custom Action editor causes UI to do not allow to add a new Custom Action again until user re-opens CA editing flyout.
[MPDEV-138] - Application shows “Internal system error” on opening a MSI when no custom action table is in msi.
[MPDEV-139] - Cannot open MSI with read-only attribute.
[MPDEV-147] - Rows are copy/pasted incorrectly if copied text in clipboard contains quotation marks.
[MPDEV-152] - Application throws system error when template folder does not have READ permission.
[MPDEV-155] - Powershell properties cannot use file browser in scripts.

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