Release date: 22.11.2021
Release notes Master Packager 21.3.7996

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-758] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Unified margins and style
[MPDEV-756] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Summary Information view changes
[MPDEV-754] - Master Packager: MSI Signing feature available for pro users only
[MPDEV-752] - Master Packager: Single view layout - View menu item
[MPDEV-748] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Services
[MPDEV-747] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Feature Overview
[MPDEV-746] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Registry
[MPDEV-745] - Master Packager: Single view layout - Files
[MPDEV-744] - Master Packager: Single view layout - General Info, Summary Info, Uninstall or Change Program
[MPDEV-742] - Free version - should work only with active internet connection 
[MPDEV-741] - Trial version - should work only with active internet connection 
[MPDEV-740] - Single view layout - Templates
[MPDEV-739] - Single view layout - Property
[MPDEV-738] - Single view layout - File Extensions
[MPDEV-737] - Single view layout - Service Control
[MPDEV-736] - Single view layout - ODBC Drivers
[MPDEV-735] - Single view layout - ODBC Data Source
[MPDEV-734] - Single view layout - Install Execute Sequence
[MPDEV-733] - Single view layout - Custom Actions
[MPDEV-732] - Single view layout - Merge Modules
[MPDEV-731] - Single view layout - Upgrade
[MPDEV-730] - Single view layout - Environment
[MPDEV-729] - Single view layout - Application Search
[MPDEV-728] - Single view layout - INI files
[MPDEV-727] - Single view layout - Shortcuts

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-761] - Master Wrapper: After cancelling save dialog still asks to open Files folder
[MPDEV-765] - Master Repackager: ServiceInstall component does not have correct keypath if service target does not have an executable extension
[MPDEV-764] - Master Repackager: Fails to generate table key with long name ending with a number
[MPDEV-763] - Master Packager: Icon names are treated as case sensitive
[MPDEV-724] - Master Packager: Adding a .url or .lnk file to MSI resolves the target


Release date: 16.06.2021
Release notes Master Packager 21.2.7837

******* Features ********
[MPDEV-723] - Master Packager: NEW Feature - Digital Signature for MSI
[MPDEV-721] - Master Packager: Property view in Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-708] - Master Packager: All third-party library update
[MPDEV-707] - Master Repakcager: Command line support for MSIX Validation
[MPDEV-705] - Master Wrapper: Added the newest PSADT 3.8.4 version 
[MPDEV-716] - Master Wrapper: Browse "Files" folder after save

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-720] - Master Packager: Missing NEW button for ODBC Source Flyout
[MPDEV-704] - Master Packager: Non readable error message when entering invalid license key
[MPDEV-706] - Master Repackager: Empty ODBC registry key causes exception


Release date: 21.01.2021
Release notes Master Packager 21.1.7691

***** Features ******
[MPDEV-692] - Master Repackager: Permit to be launched without a license to enable MSIX Compatibility validation feature for Free
[MPDEV-693] - Master Repackager: MSIX validation engine
[MPDEV-694] - Master Packager: Registry permissions
[MPDEV-700] - Master Repackager: Logic that checks if local file version for MSIX validation rules is grater than appdata

** Issues Resolved ******
[MPDEV-688] - Master Packager: Edit permissions on the folder doesn't open the start screen for permissions
[MPDEV-689] - Master Packager: Editing file name within File Editor view causes an exception
[MPDEV-690] - Master Packager: Editing file size within File Editor gives an error
[MPDEV-696] - Master Wrapper: Multiline comments are not handled correctly

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