Master Packager Dev 1.0.10

23 April 2024

• MPDEV-1087 Added firewall exception support
• MPDEV-1765 Ability to configure context menu item visibility

Bugs fixed
• MPDEV-1695 Process close dialog returns error that it couldn’t close process
• MPDEV-1777 Cancelling dependency installation freezes installer UI

Master Packager Dev 1.0.9

29 February 2024

• MPDEV-1728 Upgrade vulnerable package - Microsoft.IdentityModel.JsonWebTokens
• MPDEV-1731 Update documentation about dependencies installed only with UI
• MPDEV-1732 Allow overwriting existing property values
• MPDEV-1755 Improved naming for package dependency installer elevator on UAC prompt when package is not signed
• MPDEV-1756 Improve package dependency installer elevator’s MSI matching logic
• MPDEV-1758 Added case-insensitive predefined value validator
• MPDEV-1762 Use package name and package version when signing package as display value for UAC

Bugs fixed
• MPDEV-1687 Cannot build MSIX without upgradeCode specified for MSI

Master Packager Dev 1.0.8

25 January 2024

• MPDEV-1377 MP Dev Documentation improvements
• MPDEV-1574 Warning about .vbs in the package stating it is deprecated
• MPDEV-1575 Close running apps during installation
• MPDEV-1578 Close running apps during silent installation
• MPDEV-1579 Detect missing prerequisites before installation
• MPDEV-1600 Install missing prerequisites before installation
• MPDEV-1607 Add tooltip to failed dependency installation
• MPDEV-1608 Add condition to skip dependency check in UI and silent install
• MPDEV-1610 Improve installer UI for detected running processes and missing dependencies
• MPDEV-1616 Do not allow to build packages with upgrade code from documentation

Bugs fixed
• MPDEV-1567 Installation is cancelled anyways after clicking on Cancel button but selecting No in confirmation dialog
• MPDEV-1591 Relative paths should be logged with full path
• MPDEV-1594 Some boolean properties do not document default value
• MPDEV-1609 Files are signed twice when building msi and msix with test certificate
• MPDEV-1611 Installer UI does not detect running process without a window
• MPDEV-1613 Test certificate is not generated correctly
• MPDEV-1687 Cannot build MSIX without upgradeCode specified for MSI

Master Packager Dev 1.0.7

15 November 2023

• MPDEV-1158 Win 11 context menu support for MSI package
• MPDEV-1159 Win 11 context menu support for MSIX package
• MPDEV-1517 Upgrade secondary upgrade codes
• MPDEV-1518 DLL custom actions
• MPDEV-1519 Register DLL/OCX
• MPDEV-1522 Nested property references support
• MPDEV-1543 Ability to handle shortcuts with URL as target
• MPDEV-1556 MSIX Plated/Unplated assets
• MPDEV-1557 Powershell custom actions
• MPDEV-1559 Remove VBScript custom action

Bugs fixed
• MPDEV-1540 Nested properties not working with more than one property
• MPDEV-1549 Environment variables not expanded in some sections

Master Packager Dev 1.0.6

18 October 2023

• MPDEV-1525 - Log only executed actions
• MPDEV-1522 - Add support for nested property references

Bugs fixed
• MPDEV-1521 - Icon is not resolved in Windows Server Core environments
• MPDEV-1523 - Cannot create MSIX packages on Windows Server Core environments
• MPDEV-1524 - MSIX application display name not same as in JSON

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