Installed Apps

The Master Packager Toolbox Installed Apps feature displays all apps installed on the machine. It displays detailed information about each installed app. We created this feature because Windows built-in application information wasn’t enough. Following are problems we solve for application packages.

View ALL installed apps

The installed Apps feature shows all installed apps on the machine including MSIX Sparse packages. This becomes very handy when repackaging EXE which also installs the MSIX Sparse package for the context menu.

  • Win32 apps - MSI and EXE
  • MSIX packages
  • Apps that are set hidden due to the System Component setting

See the precise install sequence

For more complex applications that install many installers, you want to know the sequence they are installed. Windows built-in installed app feature shows sequence based on a date, not the time. Master Packager Toolbox fixes this. It shows the exact app installed time in seconds.

Finding MSI source

A common packaging situation is when EXE installs an MSI. As an IT pro, you always want the MSI.

How to find it?

  1. Open the Master Packager Toolbox → Installed Apps → open the app with MSI type
  2. Click on the hyperlink value for “Install Source”.

That’s it. The fastest way to find the MSI.

Get app details for packaging

The following app details show the most important information about the package. This information makes packaging evaluation much easier.

  • Install location
  • Install Source
  • System Component
  • Package Name
  • Package Type
  • Package Platform
  • Installed date
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