Master Wrapper

Master Wrapper enables IT admins and packagers to create PSAppDeployToolkit wrapper using the self-explanatory user interface and without knowing how to write PowerShell script.
However, packagers that know how to deal with PSAppDeployToolkit and PowerShell Master Wrapper will help you to create wrapper so much faster saving you time.

First Master Wrapper version consists of two sections:

  • General
  • Installation


This is the main section that defines for what application this wrapper is built for. Simply load or drag and drop MSI to fill out the form, or do it manually.

Branding can be changed as well from this section. Click on the banner or icon to choose your branding.


This section is for configuration. Select actions you want wrapper executes before and after installation and uninstallation.

Installation and Uninstallation sections are where you can specify installers that need to launch. Simply load or drag and drop MSI, MST and other types of installers to the installation field and Master Wrapper will automatically fill out the uninstallation field. If some adjustments are needed you can edit the script from the Master Wrapper or after saving the wrapper edit with your favorite PowerShell editing tool.

Important! After Master Wrapper is configured and saved make sure that all installation files are moved to the Files folder that is located in the saved location. 

What's next?

We will expand the functionality of PSAppDeployToolkit to be enabled through Master Wrapper, like adding registries, files, etc. The goal is that using Master Wrapper you do not need to know how to code in PowerShell or to know PSAppDeployToolkit documentation. Any skill IT admin or packager should be able to create PSAppDeployToolkit wrapper faster than experienced packager using only the text/script editor.