Master Wrapper

Master Wrapper enables IT admins and packagers to create PSAppDeployToolkit wrappers using the self-explanatory user interface without knowing how to write PowerShell scripts.
However, for packagers that know how to deal with PSAppDeployToolkit and PowerShell, Master Wrapper will help you to create wrappers faster saving your time.

Master Wrapper version consists of five sections:

  • General
  • Actions
  • Pre-Actions
  • Post-Actions
  • Script Editor


This is the main section that defines for what application the wrapper is built for. Simply load or drag and drop MSI to fill out the form, or do it manually.

Branding can be changed as well. Click on the banner or icon to choose your branding.



This is the main section that defines what should be installed.
Add or drag and drop installation files to Install, Uninstall, and Repair sections.



Configure actions that should happen before Installation, Uninstallation, and Repair.



Configure actions that should happen after Installation, Uninstallation, and Repair.


Script Editor

View and make additional changes in Deploy-Application.ps1 without opening it with another script editor.


Important! After Master Wrapper is configured and saved make sure that all installation files are moved to the Files folder that is located in the saved project location. 


PSADT Actions

This feature enables users to save specific actions, for example - copy files, remove registries, etc. that can be done using PowerShell. This will save time next time this action will be required. 

  1. Add New Action
  2. Specify action name
  3. Enter PowerShell script (good examples can be found in PSAppDeployToolkit documentation)
  4. Save
  5. Right-click on the action and choose to which action section to add it - Install, Uninstall, or Repair.


Master Wrapper in action


  • Can I use Master Wrapper to speed up packaging if I have already configured PSAppDeployToolkit template?
    Yes, you can open your template using Master Wrapper and make packaging faster. 
  • I have multiple customers with multiple PSAppDeployToolkit configurations. Can I make multiple project templates?
    Yes, open Master Wrapper, make required configuration without specific installation in it and save it. Do it for how many customers you need it and open the required PSAppDeployToolkit project when needed.
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