Release date: 19.02.2020
Release notes Master Packager 20.1.7353

********* Features **********
[MPDEV-538] - Master Wrapper
[MPDEV-376] - Service error message improvement
[MPDEV-529] - Adding Files or Folders to PUBLIC folder should create custom action to support public folder
[MPDEV-546] - Added case sensitivity support for predefined CA "Replace string in text file" 
[MPDEV-603] - New code signing certificate
[MPDEV-611] - Create standard actions in InstallExecuteSeqenece if missing
[MPDEV-622] - Added button to upgrade to Professional edition from MP welcome screen

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-559] - Template item editing under Registry removes focus after few seconds
[MPDEV-596] - ODBC subkey values are left in registry table
[MPDEV-601] - Multiple Shell Extensions for same file association are not captured correctly
[MPDEV-602] - Response transform doesn't disable enabled features
[MPDEV-607] - Rows being added were not created message is thrown when adding shortcut
[MPDEV-615] - Cannot open MSI when InstallExecuteSequence contains no rows


Release date: 24.10.2019
Release notes: Master Packager 19.7.7236

********* Features **********
[MPDEV-562] - New licensing model - 1 year maintenance included

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-595] - Add row window does not display changes correctly on certain columns
[MPDEV-597] - Same File extension registered both per user and per system causes exception
[MPDEV-600] - Master Repackager command line build does not support new snapshots
[MPDEV-601] - Multiple Shell Extensions for same file association not captured correctly


Release notes Master Packager 19.6.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-563] - Master Packager - Draggable and changed StartUp logo
[MPDEV-578] - Master Packager - Shortcut Table WkDri column does not update when modifying directory row
[MPDEV-581] - Master Packager - Updated About Licence information
[MPDEV-589] - Master Repackager - Reduced snapshot size 8 times

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-566] - Shared dll attribute is not set for added dll in System32 folder
[MPDEV-579] - Change INSTALLDIR logic is not updating INSTALLDIR correctly
[MPDEV-580] - Changing INSTALLDIR updates shortcut location
[MPDEV-583] - Case sensitive font file support
[MPDEV-584] - Update prompt is displayed even if the user has the latest version
[MPDEV-585] - Master Repackager fails to build shortcut with <> symbols in Shortcut Start IN path
[MPDEV-587] - Changes directly in registry hive cause exception
[MPDEV-588] - TypeLib with empty default value causes exception
[MPDEV-591] - Response Transform is not working


Release notes Master Packager 19.5.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-550] - Master Packager - Add a new feature from Feature view in Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-555] - Master Packager - Edit and add files to Feature view in Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-556] - Master Packager - Add a new component from Feature view in Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-557] - Master Packager - Import ODBC data sources
[MPDEV-564] - Master Repackager - ODBC data source capture and handling in ODBC tables
[MPDEV-565] - Master Repackager - ODBC driver capture and handling in ODBC tables

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-549] - Could not add ini file if directory table doesn't exist
[MPDEV-552] - Custom Action type "EXE in binary table" didn't add files to binary table
[MPDEV-553] - Renaming folder name in FileTree view returned an error
[MPDEV-554] - Creating a folder in file treeview didn't create an entry in a directory table
[MPDEV-570] - Predefined Firewall custom action didn't remove Firewall exception that had a name with spaces


Release notes Master Packager 19.4.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-537] - Master Packager - Added MSP file editing support
[MPDEV-316] - Master Packager - Added logic to export Add/Remove icon from Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-387] - Master Packager - NEW Predefined CA: "Replace string in text file"
[MPDEV-455] - Master Packager - NEW Predefined CA: "Add firewall exception"
[MPDEV-465] - Master Packager - ODBC Data Source and ODBC Driver editing
[MPDEV-551] - Master Packager - Feature and Component editing from Advanced Editor
[MPDEV-547] - Master Packager - Advanced Editor UI improvements

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-540] - Master Packager - Crash resulting from copying deleted rows in Icon table
[MPDEV-542] - Master Packager - General Information view cannot be edited if Property table does not exist
[MPDEV-543] - Master Packager - Files cannot be added if File table does not exist
[MPDEV-544] - Master Packager - Feature view displays environment variables incorrectly
[MPDEV-541] - Master Repackager - Specific files in use were not captured
[MPDEV-545] - Master Packager & Master Repackager - incorrect description in UAC window


Release notes Master Packager 19.3.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-517] - Master Repackager - CLSID TreatAs Mapping
[MPDEV-518] - Master Repackager - 32bit and 64bit CLSID and Interface mapping
[MPDEV-526] - Master Repackager - Alphabetic sorting to manage captured files and registries
[MPDEV-521] - Master Packager - Right click in table editor on the same row now switches focus
[MPDEV-523] - Master Packager - Executing PowerShell scripts in predefined custom actions
[MPDEV-525] - Master Packager - When pressing enter in table editor cell it goes in editing state instead of moving to the next row
[MPDEV-534] - Master Packager - Exception description improvement for access denied during MST save

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-515] - Master Repackager does not map file paths with environment variables
[MPDEV-516] - Master Repackager captured files directly on C drive cause exception 
[MPDEV-520] - Master Packager update existing files build option to work only with new cab files
[MPDEV-522] - Create Custom table fails with an exception if the data type is not selected for more than one column
[MPDEV-524] - Error when saving vbs on a remote share
[MPDEV-530] - Add Row window updates existing rows in a table
[MPDEV-531] - InstallExecuteSequence Condition changes are not displayed correctly in datagrid
[MPDEV-532] - Parent directories are not created if they don't exist when creating subfolders to predefined directories in a folder window
[MPDEV-533] - Ctrl+v causes exception in add row window


Release notes Master Packager 19.2.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-491] - Master Repackager - Now possible to manage captured files and registries with multi-select option and delete keyboard key
[MPDEV-492] - Master Repackager - Settings exclusion file and registries window improvements
[MPDEV-496] - Master Repackager - Changes in settings are applied immediately
[MPDEV-504] - Master Repackager - Reduced size of the MRP snapshots files
[MPDEV-505] - Master Repackager - Up to 2 times improved snapshot capturing speed
[MPDEV-508] - Master Repackage - New improved build UX for Master Repackager
[MPDEV-507] - Master Packager - Menu option to run Response Transform
[MPDEV-510] - Master Packager - NEW Template "CMD to VBS"
[MPDEV-513] - Master Packager - NEW feature "Paste with overwrite" in the property table. Available only with the Professional license

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-341] - Custom Action Type window appears off screen
[MPDEV-476] - Error message updates for Response Transform
[MPDEV-484] - Update button remind me after 7 days is not working
[MPDEV-486] - Predefined CA UI issue
[MPDEV-489] - Cannot add a new item in editing flyouts after all items in flyout are deleted
[MPDEV-490] - Feature groupbox "open in advanced editor" a file is not focused
[MPDEV-495] - Building external CAB causes asterisk to appear in a window title
[MPDEV-501] - Copy/Paste quickly in File table hangs the app.
[MPDEV-502] - Exclusion not applied correctly for a specific case
[MPDEV-503] - Text Find/Replace fails to handle really long texts
[MPDEV-506] - Copy to UserProfile Action Destination textbox lose focus
[MPDEV-511] - Service without extension is not captured
[MPDEV-512] - Service without display name is not captured


Release notes Master Packager 19.1.1
********* Features **********
[MPDEV-338] - Master Packager – Custom Action Source relationship improvement
[MPDEV-393] - Master Packager – Table editor now support multiline text
[MPDEV-403] - Master Packager – Added Check for updates button
[MPDEV-431] - Master Packager – When renaming registry key to key that already exists they now merge
[MPDEV-463] - Master Packager – Feature and Component Tree-view groupbox
[MPDEV-467] - Master Packager – Added Find and Replace button in a File menu
[MPDEV-474] - Master Packager – Predefined Custom Actions in CA flyout
[MPDEV-424] - Master Packager – Added Settings window
[MPDEV-390] - Master Repackager – Uninstall or change program info is added automatically
[MPDEV-451] - Master Repackager – Previous window location will be remembered
[MPDEV-452] - Master Repackager – Registry and File exclusion list improvements
[MPDEV-457] - Master Repackager – Registry and File exclusion list editing
[MPDEV-466] - Master Repackager – Updates check for Master Repackager
[MPDEV-488] - Master Repackager – Performance improvement
[MPDEV-471] - Release Free version
[MPDEV-478] - Common Update mechanism for all applications

**** Issues Resolved ********
[MPDEV-470] - When AppSearch has added it in Advanced Editor it is not selected by default
[MPDEV-473] - WOW6432Node Classes registry key is excluded incorrectly
[MPDEV-475] - Specific Custom Action relationships don’t trigger cascade deletion
[MPDEV-477] - INI file adding with bad format results in an exception
[MPDEV-480] - Incorrect exception when saving MSI that is in use
[MPDEV-481] - Licensing improvement
[MPDEV-482] - Get license hyperlink doesn't work from change license in help about
[MPDEV-483] - AppSearch delete navigates back to AppSearch title selection
[MPDEV-485] - Renaming INI files works incorrectly
[MPDEV-493] - Cancel on save second snapshot window returns an error
[MPDEV-494] - Save As an issue

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