Master Packager Toolbox Intune feature helps you package for Intune deployment so much faster. Our testing shows that with larger packages upload to Intune using Master Packager Toolbox can be multiple times faster when compared to Microsoft Intune portal upload. This is because we can automate many steps when following our packaging guidance as well as leverage Intune graph APIs.

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We design the packaging flow for Intune. It is the most standardized, reliable, and fastest flow we have designed.


  • No deployment conflicts
    This flow enables you to deliver all MSI, and EXE packages in Intune as the Win32 app type. Using only the Win32 app type will not conflict with line-of-business installations.
  • Standardization
    PSAppDeployToolkit (PSADT) makes packaging and deployment processes standardized.
  • Divided responsibilities
    This flow separates responsibilities between application packagers and deployment engineers. The normal Intune deployment process requires engineers to find the app icon, description, and detection key. Yet, all these are tasks for application packages. While packaging, application packagers know what is the main app icon, and the application description. If someone does both roles then following this flow their responsibilities are more streamlined and easier to follow.
  • Saved time.
    When wrapping packaging with Master Wrapper and using Master Packager Toolbox for deployment to Intune you can save so much time. It’s because we have integrated them to work together very well. Additionally, the Master Packager Toolbox Intune feature makes uploading many times faster, easier, and not boring.

Master Packager packaging flow for Intune

  1. Use Master Packager to package applications. Make sure your application can be installed silently and has the desired end-user configuration.
  2. Take Master Wrapper and wrap your packaged application into PSAppDeployToolkit. Master Wrapper will let you choose the main app icon and app description and set the detection key for the whole package. Having these items pre-set and stored in your packaged PSAppDeployToolkit enables you to upload the package with ease.
  3. Right click on the PSADT Deploy-Application.exe and convert the package to .intunewin file.
  4. Use Master Packager Toolbox to upload the package to the Intune much faster and easier.
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